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Appraisal Compliance Risk Mitigation

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Appraisal Compliance Risk Mitigation

LRES helps our clients to effectively manage the compliance and financial risks associated with successful performance in mortgage origination, servicing and default markets. In today’s regulatory environment, it’s not enough to just follow the rules. There must be evidence that the rules were followed and documented accordingly. Our internal Appraisal Compliance Department is dedicated to an established system of checks and balances, which ensures LRES stays in compliance with all federal, state and local laws including appraiser independence, CFPB, FIRREA as well as FHA, Dodd Frank, USPAP and OCC appraisal regulations.
Compliance with Appraiser Independence Requirements

At LRES, we closely monitor our Appraiser Panel to ensure that all appraisers are licensed and in good standing within their respective areas. We utilize proprietary appraiser selection criterion to maintain appraiser independence, preventing undue influence on appraised values.

Compliance with CFPB

LRES prevents financial harm to consumers while adhering to federal, state and local laws. We have implemented a detailed policy to ensure that our associates operate in a manner that is compliant with CFPB, while preventing unfair, deceptive and abusive acts from occurring.

Compliance with OFAC

LRES prohibits our associates from doing business of any kind with targeted governments and organizations, as well as individuals, groups and entities identified on the OFAC SDN/FSE Lists.

Appraisal Certificate of Compliance

In conjunction with our strong commitment to our clients, LRES provides compliance certificates to certify that every appraisal is conducted in accordance with all applicable regulatory rules and requirements.

Compliance with State Appraisal License Requirements

In order to ensure that LRES always remains in good standing to conduct business within our national geographic footprint, our Appraisal Compliance Department monitors and updates all state AMC licenses, business licenses and surety bonds as required by state regulation.

Commitment to Educating LRES Associates

One of the most challenging aspects of the industry is educating staff on the ever-changing appraisal regulatory environment in which we exist. More than ever, AMCs must provide on-demand education to employees to stay up-to-date on current regulations and guidelines. We are committed to providing our associates with ongoing compliance training and education. LRES has invested in multiple methods of training to ensure regulatory compliance and quality of work both internally and in the field.


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